Bike & Biker Blessings

Spring is coming and it’s time to get your Bike and Biker Blessing booked!

A Blessing of the Bikes is an annual tradition in which riders of motorcycles (or bicycles) are blessed in the hope that it will bring safety for the coming season. These blessings are done at the opening of motorcycle season before the first ride of the summer.

These ceremonies are usually non-denominational, focusing more on rider safety than religion. However, the service might include prayers and reading of biblical passages. A brief memorial service can be included to acknowledge riders who have died in the previous year.

Often Bike and Biker Blessings are combined with a gathering, food, contests, and a ride for everyone involved.

Avril is happy to schedule your Bike and Biker Blessing for a group at your club or a park or farm, or on an individual basis. Please use the contact form for pricing, available dates, and your Bike and Biker blessing event details!