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I get it…you have decided to be an Officiant so you can help couples get married in a way that feels great, but you have no idea where to begin! You keep wondering how to find your ideal couples, and there’s a better question you should be asking. We want your ideal couples to find you so your business is effortless and allows you to enjoy your work, your life, and the money that will be rolling in each week. Together we will get you there.

Why waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on countless courses or waste hours and hours of your time googling how-tos when you get everything you need in one place? 

My Officiant Coaching is designed for you and your Officiant business from a digital marketing perspective and in 2020, there is no better way to market yourself. You can keep plugging along trying to figure things out on your own, searching for tutorials that are not geared to the wedding industry….or…take the easy path and learn from my 18 years of internet and social media marketing experience, and wedding expertise which will save you your precious time, and solve all of your frustration.

“I want to thank Avril who is hands down, the best coach! We worked together for 3 months and I hired Avril for private Officiant coaching because I really wanted to get going and not have to take years learning how to do every single little thing to make my officiant business the best one in my community. Avril exceeded my expectations in every way, my business grew quickly and easily, and the skills I learned in those three months are still working for me today as I organically grow my email list, Facebook followers, Instagram followers, and of course, bring in inquiries and bookings ever single week. The way Avril coaches is that you have everything in place so the moment the bookings and inquiries start, I was comfortable and ready for them rather than scrambling in a panic. I could’ve eventually learned all of this and come up with my own systems but working with Avril meant the money came in a lot faster and a lot easier! Thank you for helping me get fully booked!”

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Now I’m sure you are wondering if Coaching is for you and what it can do for you. So often I talk with Officiants and other wedding pros about their marketing and they really don’t know what they don’t know! Are you thinking all you need to do is post on Instagram and wait for the bookings? I am hear to teach you all the things you don’t know about social media and how to get those bookings rolling in, because they won’t unless you take the time and have the skills to work it!

Now is the time to open your mind to the possibilities, to all the things you could know and learn that will take you from zero weddings, to the life of your dreams!

Is Officiant Coaching for me? 

Marketing your business in today’s modern world is key to being a successful Officiant. As our industry grows it is important to know how to market yourself and stand out from the crowd.

Coaching is for you because you know your worth but you aren’t getting to the level you deserve.

Coaching is for you because you want to have a thriving Officiant business and be fully booked every wedding season.

Coaching is for you because you want to have the reputation as the top Officiant in your region.

Coaching is for you because you want to be seen as the leading authority on weddings in your community.

Coaching is for you because you would love to make enough income from your business so you can afford all the luxuries you want like holidays, theatre tickets, dinners out with your family and stop the constant hustle that is getting you nowhere.

Coaching is for you because you want to have your favourite venues send all of their couples the moment they book their big day.

Coaching if for you because you want to build your audience organically and strategically without paid ads.

Coaching is for you because you want more income each month – potentially thousands of dollars a week!

Coaching is for you because want to have a list of suppliers, vendors, and venues who have you as their preferred Officiant and give your name out every time they meet a couple.

Coaching is for you because want to become the Go-To Officiant in your community. The one name everyone mentions when anyone asks for wedding advice.

Coaching is for you because are spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to market yourself to your ideal client, if you even know who your ideal client is and where to find them!

Coaching is for you because you want to learn exactly how to market your business and work fewer hours while still getting inquiries and bookings every single day.

Coaching is for you because you are tired of watching other Officiants get all the bookings and you can’t figure out how they do it, or how they have the time.

Coaching is for you because you don’t feel you stand out in the sea of amateur, underpriced Officiants.

Coaching is for you because you have no idea where to start, what to charge, the paperwork you need to run your business smoothly, and how to create a marketing strategy that is easy and fun!

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What if…
You could stop worrying about how you are going to get bookings and fill your calendar?
– You could go full time with a business you love and are excited about?
– You could start turning couples away because you are in such high demand?
– You could understand how to easily marketing yourself without wasting your precious time trying to figure it all out not really knowing what works and what doesn’t?
– You could learn everything you need to effectively market your Officiant business in one place…totally focussed on the wedding industry?

There really is no need to…
-Waste time googling how to use Facebook, wondering how to get your ideal couples seeing your posts, falling in love with you, and messaging you ready to book right away!
-Feel overwhelmed by SEO…if you even know what SEO is!
-Spend days, weeks, and months trying to figure out Instagram, captions, hashtags, location tags, stories, pods, algorithms, and how to be seen by couples who will refuse to get married without you!
-Wait any longer to start building the business and life you want!

Officiant coaching is the one place to get all of this, plus more, for less than the cost of 4 wedding ceremony bookings, and gives you everything you need to accelerate and grow your Officiant business.

In my 3 seasons of weddings I went from 10 bookings in my first season…to 60 bookings each season with little effort, simply using the tools, strategies, and skills I will teach you on a weekly basis. The skills will go with you throughout your live so your business will continue to grow long after your coaching time is complete.

I have raised my prices to almost double and my business is booming!

I didn’t do anything complicated or overwhelming. I simply created a strategy and schedule and used all of my marketing skills to reach the biggest audience possible. I was determined to make my business a success, be the authority in my industry, and be fully booked season after season.

There is nothing special about me – I’m a small town mom who had a dream. I am here to show you that YOU can do it too…and how to do it easily and without spending thousands of dollars on graphic designers, web designers, and PR specialists. You can use all or some of the systems and techniques I use and be fully booked too. I am here to show you, if I can do it…you can do it!

Modern marketing is changing every day and it is impossible to keep up. Using the tools and systems I teach you wont need to worry about keeping up as your target audience will be able to easily find you and reach out to book you.

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Here are just some of the things we will work on to make your Officiant business the best one in your community! Coaching is client led so we work on everything, at your pace and priority levels!

The Basics of Business
– How to set ambitious and realistic goals
– How to create your marketing strategy
– How to stand out in a saturated market
– How to find out who your ideal couple is and where to find them

Branding and website
– What is a brand and how to use it
– How to connect with your ideal client
– What makes a good website that converts so you get the bookings you want
– What is SEO and how you can use it to climb the Google ranks until you are above your competition
– Simple graphic design training so your you can brand all of your marketing materials

Social media
– How to optimise Facebook and Instagram to attract and find your ideal couples
– How to sell…without being salesy
– How to book clients through social media
– How to schedule your social media in a manageable way
– How to choose the right platform for your business
– How to build your mailing list and serve is consistently

Blogging to build your reputation and attract your ideal couples
– How to start a blog that will be seen by engaged couples on Google
– How to promote your blog to build your authority as an expert in the wedding industry
– How to get blogging and social media collaborations to be seen by more of your ideal clients in the cities you want to work in
– How to secure brand sponsorships for your blog and social media
– How to start a blog, use key words, and SEO to attract and be found by your ideal couples
– How to approach industry influencers so they will help promote you

Getting the business side under control
– How to price yourself in your local market
– How to schedule time for marketing – hint, you don’t have to spend all day on socials!
– How to upsell your services and stop working for free!
– How to create packages and easily host weddings to make even more money!
– How to easily become an industry influencer
– How to keep the admin side easy and effective so your business runs like clockwork

Confidence and mindset for success
– How to gain confidence in your pricing, and performance!
– How to diversify your income so you are making double and triple the money
– When to take your business to the next level
– How to network to get bookings, make connections, and keep that word of mouth business flowing in all year round!
– How to get consistent bookings all year, not just when everyone is in wedding season

I bet you had no idea all of the different ways to market your business and grow it so quickly! Simply posting a pic of your dinner on IG isn’t going to get couples in your DMs begging for you to be available on their wedding date! There is so much more that can be done every day that actually works! No more wasting your time when you can spend 20 minutes a day marketing yourself the right way.

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Trust me. I completely get what you’re going through. I know you’re on this rollercoaster of thoughts. You’re going from saying “I need a coach.“ to “No, I can do this alone.” multiple times a day and it’s exhausting. You’re scoping out all of the coaches out there and you’re comparing all the things to make sure this is the best way to spend your money and you’ve certainly done your homework.

You’re probably feeling desperate at this point because you’ve either tried everything or you have it all running, but something seems to be missing. I know you are working as hard as you can to get those bookings, and I also know with just a little bit of help, you can be spending every weekend going from wedding to wedding without tearing your hair out wondering why you aren’t getting the bookings you want.

Here’s the thing…there is a light at the end of this tunnel and soon you will be…

– Working with your dream couples in your dream venues
– Attracting the couples that light you up and make your excited to go to work
– Watching every metric (that’s numbers) in your business growing every single day
– Working on your own terms and loving every aspect of it
– Hiring people to help you grow your business ie a VA, baker, florist, decorators…
– Totally confident in what you offer, your value, and who you are…soon other Officiants will be coming to you for advice!
– Finally living your calling and passion and stepping into the joy of your Officiant business

Get ready to say goodbye to…

– Imposter syndrome
– Comparing yourself to every other Officiant under the sun
– That little voice in your head that keeps telling you to stay safe and play small. You are here on this planet for a reason. The world is waiting for your Officiant skills and you need to be sharing them!

1:1 Officiant coaching is perfect for you if…

– You’ve always felt called to do something bigger with your life and are passionate about helping couples and families
– You believe in the power of attraction marketing and can’t stand all of those smarmy marketing tactics we all see out there
– You’re ready to treat yourself to some major biz self-care to grow while working fewer hours a day and week to get there
– You have love ots great ideas but you’re not sure how to implement them in a way that will grow your business and get you the bookings you want
-You’re resourceful and always love learning new things
– You’re multi-passionate and want to provide a well rounded experience for your couples
– You’re an overachiever and believe in the power of investing in your self and your business in a way that will give you success for the rest of your career
– You have a big mission and dreams you feel called to carry out and don’t want to wait years to see them come to fruition
– You’re just starting or want to start your Officiant and wedding business and you want to do it the right way, right away without struggling for years to figure it all out
– You have an Officiant and wedding business, you’re working with a few couples, and your a ready to scale and grow your business with ease and simplicity

Am I reading your mind yet?
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What kind of payment plans are available? On our discovery call, we will discuss a payment plan that works best for you. Typically I allow clients to pay monthly for the time we are working together, though this policy will change as I take on more and more clients so for now you will be able to be coached while you are paying your bill.

What if I don’t have the money?  We can talk about money in our discovery call and I do currently have a payment plan for each 3 month coaching session. But here’s the thing…leaders go first. You can’t expect anyone to invest in your business if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself. Sure you could become a top level, in demand Officiant on your own, and there’s a slim chance you will do that in your first season rather than your 10th season, but that’s a very small chance. There is a lot of outdated information out there and so much of it is not geared to the wedding industry – with me you get someone who started from zero and grew their business while learning everything I will teach you so rather than taking years, you will learn it all within weeks. I teach you how to get the results you deserve rather than the minimal results you might get trying to figure it out alone.

What about refunds? Sorry, no. Private mentorship takes a lot of energy and commitment on both ends. If you go into this program thinking, “Oh, if this doesn’t go as I planned then I’ll just ask for a refund.” You are setting yourself up for that situation exactly. It’s all down to mindset and attitude. If you come into this relationship feeling grateful for this opportunity and excited for what is going to come next for you and your business then that will happen! Once you have paid no refunds will be offered.

How are sessions scheduled? After payment is made, we will pick the day and time for our weekly coaching calls. Your calls must all be used within the 3 months, so we might have to double up some weeks. If you need to reschedule I need 24 hours notice as I schedule my life around my coaching calls and put you first. Any missed calls will not be refunded if they are not rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

Need some more convincing?


I’ve invested thousands and thousands of dollars in mentors, coaches, and programs through the years because I believe that investing in your business in the best way to grow. There is nothing else that can compare. I have spent the last 20 years learning, growing, studying business, marketing, and the wedding industry and am often invited to be a guest expert in the media because I am so well known and accomplished. I have been seen on…

You can watch and listen to all of these interviews on my Media Appearances page!

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