I performed a wedding in the wind and rain on April 20th! When is spring really going to get here? Photo courtesy of Andreas P Photography

I performed a wedding in the wind and rain on April 20th! When is spring really going to get here? Photo courtesy of Andreas P Photography
The wedding arch at a ceremony I performed on a farm. It was a perfect Autumn day!
This couple walked together to meet me for their wedding ceremony under two trees that formed an arch. Rustic and simple, just what the couple wanted!
This couple invited me to stay for dinner and it was such a fun night! Everyone got their own mason jar glass for the pre-dinner cocktails! Here’s a pro-tip – if you don’t want your officiant to be watching the time to get your wedding ceremony started so they can leave for their next engagement, invite them to stay for dinner when you book them!
This country wedding was so simple and perfect. I love the cake their friend made!
This couple got the best weather for their special day! It was lovely to perform their wedding ceremony right by the water, under the Autumn sun!
I love this idea! The tubs were filled with ice and water for everyone while they waited for the couple to arrive for their wedding ceremony!
A lovely farm wedding table – the ceremony was simple and sweet as the couple was surrounded by their nearest and dearest.
Lovely vintage plates were collected from all over for this pretty farm wedding.
I love this idea for a wedding reception seating chart – each guest gets to take home their own vintage teacup to add to their collection.
As a country chaplain I find myself on farms a lot.
This cow decided it wasn’t interested in waiting for the wedding ceremony to be finished.
This couple had a purple themed wedding and their cupcakes were perfection!
I don’t just perform weddings, I also handle funerals, memorials, celebrations of life, graveside, and scattering services for families at their time of need.
I graduated Humber College in 2015 in the Funeral Services department with honours in the pre-need program.
Winter is the quiet season for wedding Officiants so I like to have some adventures!
Representing women in business at International Women’s Day!
Vanity prevails.
The summer I learned how to make balloon animals and took my show on the road making all the birthday parties extra fun!
Don’t be afraid to take selfies.
I was heading out to do some charity work – it was a green Christmas!
Embrace life – it’s more fun that way.
Remember the movie Fly Away Home? It was about a guy who taught baby geese, or goslings, how to fly. Bill Lishman was the character in the story (it’s a true story) and he lived not far from me in a very unique cave-like house. I was invited for lunch one day only to discover a swing in his living room. Yes, the kind trapeze artists use.
Here’s some life advice – any time you find a swing in someone’s living room, there is only one option. You get on it and swing with all the joy in your heart.
As former chair of the Port Hope Civic Awards Committee it was my job to stand still holding trays of scrolls for each award recipient.
I have no idea what I was looking at in this moment.
My city friend invited me to a fancy dinner at the ROM.
She promised me food.
I was starving by the time we got there. This is my hungry face.
Ringing the gong at the Buddhist temple in Bethany, Ontario.
I was scouting some fun wedding photo locations and decided to visit the lavender fields!
Yoga in the lavender.
The local Royal Canadian Legion needed a chaplain to fill in for Decoration Day and I got the call. It was an honour to be asked to service them and remember those who have fallen in war. Thank you to RCL Branch 30 in Port Hope for inviting me.
It is so important to support youth and the arts – I popped in to the local Punk show to see some bands and cheer them on. This is Avem and you can hear their music here:
This was a very adulty weekend for me. I had performed a few weddings and the next morning I was to head north to my mother in law’s funeral. I was handling all of the arrangements for the celebration of life and was the celebrant for the day. As I was driving home from the last wedding of the day I passed the movie set in Port Hope – IT was being shot here all summer – and I couldn’t resist checking out the amusement park that was set up for filming. The security guard was so nice and she even took a photo for me. I was grateful for a moment of fun in the middle of this big weekend.
Taken at the mayor’s celebration party after the election.
Putting the I in Kingston.
Never forget, the Grinch didn’t hate Christmas, He hated people.
I found pink Christmas trees all lit up at the market in the Distillery District.
The coolest part – they were camouflage for porta-potties. Take note if you are planning an outdoor wedding.
I’m told I’m an angel. I found my wings.
I found a swing at the Christmas Market!
Of course there needed to be a blurry photo.
Being a wedding officiant I have an interest in diamond rings. Here I am visiting the mother ship, Tiffany & Co where I made a new friend!