How I Became a Wedding Officiant!


I am often asked how I ended up being a wedding officiant and it’s a really simple story!

I was interested in funeral service my whole life and after attending Humber College (and graduating with honours) to become a pre-need director and working in the funeral industry for years people kept telling me I should be a celebrant. I agreed. The only problem is that in my area there isn’t a lot of demand for celebrants in funeral homes as the trends have shifted to families choosing to do their own thing.  Families have been using funerals homes for services and receptions less and less. Let’s face it – families want a bar at the celebration of life and many funeral homes just aren’t equipped for this ,so people are choosing their own homes, restaurants, and halls to host the celebrations of life for their loves ones. Makes sense right? I decided when the time is right I could offer my services as a celebrant anywhere – I will travel to your event to provide a custom, personalized service that is authentic to your loved one.

I also decided I wouldn’t be a celebrant until I could also be an officiant and I waited for the right opportunity to come along…and one day…it did! I found a terrific church that was offering an officiant course and after much conversation with the Bishop I decided to apply for the program. I was accepted (yay me!), did the course, was ordained as a pastoral chaplain, and while I waited for my licence to arrive from the Office of the Registrar I got my marketing supplies created, my Facebook page ready, and prepped everything I could for my new career.

I also worked on creating funeral services and made myself available to grieving families in the area. Almost immediately I was being booked for weddings and elopements and had a full calendar for the rest of the season.

I am currently booking 2019 and 2020 weddings, elopements, renewals of vows, and commitment ceremonies. Funerals, memorials, celebrations of life, and graveside services and scatterings can be booked any time. To reach me please visit my Contact Page or email me at

Photo Credit – Andreas P Photography

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