Do you really need your officiant at your rehearsal?


I get it. I really do! You are planning your wedding and have no clue what you are doing. Most of my couples are in the same boat, and they are depending on the information they are getting from magazines, the interweb, and their friends. It can so be confusing and most of the time people aren’t even sure why they are being told to do certain things. Something I often get asked if the ceremony fee includes the rehearsal, and if I come to the rehearsal the night before your wedding. I see officiants telling their couples they MUST be at their rehearsal and charge them extra for that. I get it, we all want to make as much money as we can – and I see no need to convince you to spend more in me that you really need to.

At a wedding rehearsal you are simply practicing walking in and walking out, but we do not rehearse the ceremony itself. There is really no need for me or any Officiant to be there unless we are doing something really unique that we all need to practice together like a Japanese tea ceremony or something really spectacular that requires a certain amount of choreography. I would hate for any of my couples to end up feeling they wasted money bringing me in for the rehearsal only to realize they really didn’t need me there.

Most of my couples are quite capable of managing their friends and family for the 30 minutes it takes for everyone to rehearse walking in, where to sit or stand, when to hand off flowers, when to hold hands, when to have the rings ready, when to get flowers back, when to pose for photos, and which order to walk out. I do understand though not everyone knows what to do and they need someone to come and help…and take control of everyone. If you feel you need me there, I am happy to come and take the lead, make sure everyone knows what to do…to the music, and run through it all until everyone is comfortable.

Should you really feel you need me there as your Officiant to run the show for you, the rehearsal fee is $150.00 plus travel. If your rehearsal is Monday – Thursday we can book it in advance. Friday and Saturday rehearsals are booked no more than 2 weeks in advance and are based on my availability and the availability of your wedding venue. Feel free to message or email me to chat about your wedding and rehearsal!

And don’t worry, if I’m not at your rehearsal I do coach you through your entire ceremony while I am performing it for you!

Additional Ceremonies may be added to your wedding ceremony such as…Chuppah Ceremony, Blessing to the Four Directions, Handfasting Ceremony, Hands Ceremony, Mother’s Rose Ceremony, Ring Warming Ceremony, Family Medallion Ceremony, Seven Blessings, Veil, Cord, Coins Ceremony, Jumping the Broom, Wine Ceremony, Unity Candle Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Unity Canvas Painting Ceremony, Rose/Flower Ceremony, Quaich Ceremony, Affirmation of the Community, Love Letter & Wine Box Ceremony, Ribbons, Doves, Butterflies & Bubbles, Breaking the Glass, and any other ceremony you might like.