7 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses


Choosing your bridesmaid dresses doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact, if you know exactly what to be aware
of, it can be a fun and relaxing part of planning your wedding. Here are a few tips that will help you during the process:

Take your wedding gown style into consideration.
Even though you will be the one to stand out, it still looks great when your look coordinates with your girls.  If you have a lot of details on your dress, keep your bridesmaid dresses simple.  The same thing applies to necklines – make sure that they aren’t exactly the same. Speaking of necklines…make sure your bridesmaids can bend over to help you with your dress at your ceremony and other parts of the day without exposing themselves to everyone who will be watching! Slinky little dresses are lovely, but most women don’t want to bend over while wearing one braless!

Consider skin tones and body type.
You want your bridesmaids to look and fell beautiful on the day too, so choose a color that works well with their skin tones and body shapes.  You may even want to throw hair color into the mix when deciding on a color. Don’t be afraid to use a variety of colours in the same tones – I have seen lots of ombre looks so each woman is wearing a colour and shade that suits her!

Keep the season in mind.
Before you decide on a look, take the season that you will be getting married into consideration.  It’s fine to choose long dresses in summer or short-sleeve dresses in fall, but make sure that your ladies are comfortable. Also consider the temperature and sun intensity – we don’t want our bridesmaids fried to a crisp after being outside in the sun all day with no protection!


Start shopping early.
You never know how long it will take you to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses so don’t start shopping too late.  Plus, you may need to order your dresses and delivery could take a while, so keep this in mind. Worried about how long it will take? Check the vintage and second hand shops as well as the bridal resell shops! They will have dresses you can go home with that day! Facebook marketplace is also a fantastic way to find dresses that have been worn once and are now for sale!

Price matters.
If you will not be buying your bridesmaid dresses, it’s really important to keep price in mind.  Your bridesmaids are investing quite a bit of time and money in your big day so make sure that the dresses you choose are actually affordable.


Get their opinions.
Your bridesmaids will really appreciate having a say in their dresses so ask them if they had any ideas about what they would like to wear.  You should, of course, still have the final say, but it’s great to include them in the process too. Being able to choose the style of dress they will be in all day and in the photos forever is huge! We want our girlfriends to feel good about themselves and be happy with how they look when they photos come back!

Speaking of roping your bridesmaids in. 
If you want to reduce some of your wedding planning responsibilities and stress, get your maid of honor to research dresses and prices for you. They can also get sizing, shape, and style preferences from your entire crew to help narrow down the choices!

In the end we all just want to feel good whether it’s our own wedding day, or we are supporting a friend so make sure you give everyone the space to speak about how they feel in each dress and if need be, let each bridesmaid choose their style in your chosen colour! Easy peasy!

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