How to tell your guests you are going ahead…without them!


I recently asked my followers for some blog post ideas that fit out current wedding culture and climate. Sure, I could blog day and night about guest lists, photos, cakes designs, and décor inspiration…but none of that really works with what we are all experiencing right now, and I wanted to know what’s on the minds of couples who are affected by Covid-19.

Miranda, one of my brides, asked me to write about how to tell your guests you are still getting married, but not postponing the big party.

IE – the mini wedding is happening without guests, and that’s it.

I have seen all kinds of ways to let your friends and family members know you are postponing, or cancelling. But in all my searching, I couldn’t find anything that suited still getting married this year in a scaled down way.

Someone recently called me a Wedding Fairy Godmother, and someone else just called me The Queen of Weddings! So I got my magic wand and sparkly crown and got to work on an answer!

Here’s what Miranda and I came up with when we put our heads together (metaphorically, natch, because Covid).

“In light of the current state of the world, we know you can imagine the tough decisions we’ve had to make about our wedding. We have our hearts set on our 2020 date, and as our love and desire to get married is bigger than a wedding, we have decided to go ahead with our marriage ceremony as planned within the provincial restrictions that day.

We will miss seeing you, and those hugs we all need right now – our wedding won’t be the same without you!

We invite you to pop champagne at XXXpm to toast our union in spirit, and celebrate in any way that keeps you safe and sound. We will be video recording our ceremony and will post it, along with photos, for all of you to enjoy in the days after we get married.

Thank you for all of your support in our decision to put love first and we look forward to celebrating with you individually when we are allowed to visit our loved ones again.

Warmest regards…”

In Miranda’s case she doesn’t have the internet power to broadcast the ceremony over Zoom, so recording it is the next best option! If you live in an area with great internet, Zoom is the answer and you can still record to your own device!

What do you think? Feel free to copy our message and edit it to suit your needs and let me know how it goes!

I am currently helping couples create mini wedding experiences in their own backyards so they can get legally married on their 2020 date, celebrate with their friends and family members, and have a great story to tell!

Here are some of the ideas I have been sharing with my couples:

– Hang your twinkly lights and bring in some fab wedding décor

– Wear your wedding dress…or wear something simpler now and save your big dress for the big wedding celebration

– I have the best florist on call to create a lovely little bouquet and boutonniere for you to match your style and colours

– Don’t forget your makeup! I have an incredibly talented make up artist ready to teach you how to be your most gorgeous for your ceremony and photos!

– Share your ceremony with your loved ones on Zoom – there are 2 parts I have added to a very special ceremony that bring Zoomed guests in and let them participate from anywhere in the world!

– Hire a photographer who can also be one of your witnesses. I’ve got a guy…and you will have your raw images within a few days.

– Play your ceremony music and first dance song – put that playlist to good use – I know how hard you worked on it!

– Pop the champagne & tell Zoomed guests to have theirs ready too for the big moment to toast with you in the real time

– Set up a sweetheart table and bring in a catered dinner for two. Let your friends and family know to order the same dinner if possible – or order it for them to pick up at the restaurant or your place the day before. I have a fantastic caterer who will make a lovely dinner for you, to be popped in the oven and heated up whenever you are ready to eat!

– Order a mini wedding cake to cut and enjoy for dessert – don’t forget the custom cake topper!

– I will stay to help keep things organized and serve you your dinner before I slip out and leave you to bask in love!

I can help you with all of these arrangements and be your mini-wedding planner as well as Officiant! Message me to start the conversation and we will get the perfect mini-wedding created and planned for you!

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