Things Your Wedding Guests Probably Won’t Remember

When you start planning your wedding, creating a memorable experience for your guests is a big part of it. But, before you go allocating your budget, there are a few things you should know.

While everyone is different, there are just certain things most people don’t remember about a wedding, so why spend unnecessary money on it? Here is what you can probably care a little less about as you plan your big day:

The Design of Your Invites

Yes, it’s always nice to receive a beautiful invitation, but your guests are not going to remember the delicate details and calligraphy after the day. Custom, handmade wedding invitations can cost a lot of money and the reality is, most of them end up in the bin anyway. Rather keep it simple and use that budget elsewhere. There are lots of places you can have your own invitation design printed or print them yourself with supplies from the stationery story or your local office supply store.


The Wedding Program

Wedding programs can tell your guests what to expect throughout the day, but a well-designed blackboard or printed board can do the same. Wedding programs are one of those items you can probably skip as few of your guests will actually hang onto it and refer to it beyond your ceremony. If you can’t get married without programs, make them into something practical and useful like hand fans for those hot summer afternoon weddings!

Elaborate Centerpieces

Naturally, you want your reception tables to look the part but there is really no need to go overboard. If you had to ask some of your guests what your centerpieces looked like a few months after your wedding, chances are, they won’t remember. Turn to sites such as Pinterest to find centerpiece ideas that are unique but don’t cost the earth. One of my couples told me they are making candy bouquets for their tables – and we know they won’t get left behind! With Halloween coming soon it will be easy to find lots of fun candy to create your own! ProTip! Don’t use live animals on your tables – they will end up dying at your wedding or won’t have homes to go to at the end of the night.

Remember when these almonds were handed out at every wedding?

Wedding Favours

More and more couples are thinking outside of the box when it comes to their wedding favours. If you can provide your guests with good food and drinks, music, and special memories, there is really no need to send them home with an expensive gift, and no one really wants any more knick-knacks or dust collectors. If you really want to provide wedding favors, opt for something edible like custom chocolate bars, home made jam, honey, wine, cookies, or chocolates. The alternative is something practical like custom mugs, corkscrews, seedlings, candles or anything else the average person uses on a daily basis.

Alcohol Types and Brands

If you do want to provide your guests with alcohol at the wedding, try not to overthink what you should serve and whether the brands you are buying are good enough. Most guests are more than happy with a welcome cocktail and some wine and beer for the remainder of the day. You can certainly offer a selection but there is no need to go overboard here either. Trust me, after the first couple of drinks, no one will know what brand they are drinking.

A Perfect First Dance

The first dance is one of the most special moments during your reception but aiming for perfection is only going to make you feel more stressed and enjoy the moment less. It’s perfectly fine to practice your first dance but your guests are not going to notice a few missteps or mistakes. Rather have fun and enjoy this moment with your partner, have a laugh, and remember you are in this together!

The Wedding Cake

This is another area where some couples end up spending way too much. Everyone loves a good slice of cake but as for how elaborate it is, this is not something guests will remember. In fact, more and more couples are opting for bite-size desserts and sweets instead. These days, I am seeing a lot of small wedding cakes that are being used for cutting photos and then the couple takes it home, and then the real dessert comes out – often cupcakes and other fun baked desserts! Don’t forget to have options for your guests who are allergic to wheat!

In the end, your wedding should be anything you want it to be, but there’s really no need to spend more on the things your guests probably won’t remember anyway – ask the people around you what they remember about weddings they have been to and focus on those areas first.

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