The Wedding Veil – What Every Bride Needs to Know


There’s just something about a veil that beautifully completes any bridal outfit. The tradition, the flowing fabric, and the intricate details all create such a romantic look and feel. Most brides I work with wear a veil of some sort and I have started many marriage ceremonies by helping the bride get her dress and veil ‘floofed’ so everything looks good for the photos. I often say I’m an honourary bridesmaid and I always happy to do that job!

Putting Your Veil On

You may want to put your veil on once your gown is on, but it’s best to use your timeline as a guideline. If you will be doing a first look, get someone to help you with your veil before you leave the room, not before. Don’t be afraid to ask your hair stylist if this is something they can help you with.

If you will be traveling in a vehicle to your ceremony venue, wait to put your veil on when you get there. This way, it won’t wrinkle, mess up your hair or rip when you’re getting out of the car. Make sure you have someone in charge of getting your veil laid out nicely in the back of the car and into the venue so you can put it on right before you walk down the aisle.

Taking Your Veil Off

When you want to take your veil off is a personal decision. Some brides prefer to wear their veil throughout their ceremony and during some of their photos, while others prefer to take it off directly after the ceremony, and of course we have brides who like to keep their veil on for their entire wedding day. If your veil is very long and will become a tripping hazard for you and your guests, one option is to swap the veil for a shorter blusher for the rest of the day once your official photos are done. If you like the idea of a longer veil and a blusher, you might want to purchase a two-piece veil.

Fun fact! When I got married I mostly made my own veils simply because I knew exactly what I wanted and didn’t have the energy to try to explain to someone else what I wanted and why. I found pretty silver organza at the fabric store and took it to a seamstress to have the edges finished. Once I got it home, I ran embroidery floss through the pocket at one end and stitched one side of velco to it. The other side of the velcro was stitched to the hair comb that I bought to hold my veils in my hair.

Every day when my then fiancée was at work, I laid out my veil on the floor of our long hallway and by hand, I glue little rhinestones all around the edge of my veil, and if I remember correctly, they were one inch apart the whole way around. My ceremony veil was 15 feet long so yes, I did spend a lot of hours gluing those rhinestones! I also printed off a big stylish R and pinned it underneath my veil at the bottom and glued rhinestones in the shape of the R (my husband’s name is Rod and it was truly fascinating how many people asked me what the R stood for).

I did the same for my shoulder length veil and once we got back from taking photos, one of my bridesmaids helped me swap veils. This was so easy because the comb with the velcro on it stayed in my hair, and they just needed to take the long veil off, and attach the short veil.

Keeping It In Place

Your veil will come with a comb, which will keep it in place throughout your ceremony. However, if you want to feel more secure, use a few bobby pins that match your hair color to attach the veil to your hair too. You really only need one or two pins on either side, hidden beneath your hair. This is something your hair stylist will do for you, just make sure they know ahead of time that you want them to attach your veil for you!

Veil Assistance

If you want to remove your veil after your ceremony, ask your stylist to show one of your bridesmaids or your wedding planner how to do it correctly, or ask them to pop back at a certain time to help you – be prepared to pay extra for this service and book it well in advance!

And there you have it, these are some of the general veil etiquette guidelines – don’t forget to get some beautiful veil shots.

Do you have some veil tips from your own experience! Let me know and I will share them with my followers and give you credit of course!

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