Expert Tips for Planning a Backyard Wedding


More and more couples are opting to have smaller, more intimate weddings. Not only are they budget-friendly, but you have the option to commit to your partner in your own backyard. Since 2018 I have perform countless backyard ceremonies and they are always a lot of fun and much more relaxed than the big formal venue weddings. Both styles and locations are always fantastic, it just depends on what vibe and experience you want to have on your big day.

Hosting your wedding in your backyard gives you a lot more flexibility and choice. You are 100% in control of every aspect, including décor, food, drinks, and timing. Plus, you get to play around with layouts in your own time.

Just keep in mind that hosting a backyard wedding also means you need to take care of absolutely everything yourself – every fork, every inch of dancefloor, every roll of TP! However, if you have people willing to help you and you enjoy planning in general, this isn’t a negative and there are companies you can hire as day-of coordinators to help keep everything running smoothly.

I gathered all of my best backyard wedding tips – if you think I missed any, please let me know!

Evaluate your space

Before you start inviting guests, evaluate the space you have available. Do you have enough room for your guests as well as tables, chairs, a dance floor, food area, ceremony area, and more? If you have a few suppliers in mind already, you can always ask them for assistance and guidance in terms of the layout. Getting your photographer’s opinion on the layout will also ensure your photos look great.

Measure your space and make a map so you will be able to decide easily where every element of your wedding will fit. Don’t forget the ceremony chairs will double as dinner chairs!

Work with what you have

As you plan out the different sections in your backyard, consider what’s already available. Perhaps there is a beautiful big tree in the garden. Instead of hiring more décor, use what’s readily available to you. You should also consider the date of your wedding. Which flowers will be in bloom and how will this impact your photos?

Once you know how you would like to best utilize the space, plan how you will prep the garden before your big day. What hedges and plants need to be trimmed and how far in advance should you arrange it? Now is the time to make calls to landscapers and get booked in for consultations for spring!

Think about the guest experience

What do you want your guests to experience on the day of your wedding? Will certain guests have specific requirements such as a proper chair to feel comfortable? After the ceremony, where do you want guests to go? Basically, you want to plan the flow of the day and pair that with how you plan to use your backyard to create the best possible guest experience.

You should also keep your neighbors and the neighborhood in mind – are there any restrictions you should keep in mind? What about parking? Can you accommodate guests that will drive to your home as well as vendors such as your photographer?  If you plan to invite out-of-town guests, be sure to mention accommodation options to them.

It’s always a good idea to make nice-nice with your neighbours, you never know when you might need a hand with something or a cup of sugar. With all the restrictions in Ontario right now we don’t want a petty neighbour to call the police because they don’t know the rules that apply to wedding gatherings. Yes….it has happened.

Remember the smaller details

Since this event will take place in a home, make sure your bathrooms are stocked. You may even need to get someone to help throughout the day to ensure the bathrooms are kept in a decent state. Keep in mind not everyone is comfortable asking to use the washroom in someone’s house so signage letting your guests know to let themselves in and where the washroom is will help a lot of our shy friends take care of business easily.

As for your guests, mention things such as whether they should wear flat shoes for walking over grass and if they should bring something warmer because it’s an outdoor ceremony – and have a basket of wraps and blankets for when the sun goes down!

Get help

Backyard weddings are more hands-on, so don’t refuse help from friends and family. Trust me on this one – I know we have all thrown a party and managed just fine, but this is no ordinary party! You will not be available for every little thing that comes up and needs to be done so please make sure you have lots of help, and everyone knows what their specific job is. Everyone taking care of one or two details will ensure the entire day runs smoothly. Make lists and schedules and give them to everyone who is helping so no one is left wondering what they should be doing.

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