Wedding Planning Myths You Should Definitely Be Ignoring


So you’re about to start planning your big day! As you may already know, there’s a lot of advice out there for new brides, so much so that it can be difficult to decide what advice to take and what to ignore. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the advice you’ve been reading and receiving, here are a few wedding planning myths that you can definitely toss aside.

A talented friend is exactly the same as a professional

This particular myth is especially relevant when it comes to choosing an Officiant or photographer. Just because you have a friend who is the life of the party or takes amazing holiday photos, doesn’t mean they’re prepared or skilled enough to write and perform your ceremony or capture your wedding day. Professionals are that for a reason – they have devoted thousands of hours to learning their craft, understanding the wedding world, and making sure your big day is perfect. We also don’t crack under pressure and come armed with solutions for anything that could arise on your wedding day. Unless your friends are already doing these tasks for a living with lots of experience, stick to the professionals and let your friends give a great speech at your dinner or take photos of your pre-wedding events.

Every detail needs to be perfect

If you would prefer to not drive yourself mad before your wedding day, leave perfection at the door. Your wedding doesn’t need to be Pinterest perfect in order for it to be special and memorable. Trust me on this one. I have seen many many brides drive themselves bonkers over details no one else noticed at their wedding. Think back on the weddings you have attended and write down every detail you remember from them. Chances are, the colour of the napkins won’t appear on your list so don’t waste time and energy fretting of the tiny details.

DIY is the only way

While DIY is a great way to save money, it isn’t always the best route. Sometimes it’s better to pay a professional to assist you with aspects such as your cake, catering, and even some of your décor. Again, tryst me on this one – you DO NOT want to be trying to make your cake from scratch or assemble all of your bouquets or centrepieces the night before your wedding unless this is something you are already very skilled at doing.

I remember a local florist telling me their friend’s daughter tried to save money on her flowers by ordered them from one of the big discount stores (the one with all the free samples) and the night before the wedding was calling the florist at midnight begging her for help as she had realized she never bothered to learn how to make bouquets and centrepieces and was a puddle on the floor, sobbing, trying to get her flowers all ready for the next morning. It ended up costing the bride a lot more than if she had just hired the florist in the first place because when a florist (or any other wedding vendor) has to get out of bed at midnight and stay up all night working, they often charge triple. Lesson learned but it was too late.

You went to their wedding so they should be invited to yours

There is absolutely no rule that says you have to invite every single person that invited you to their wedding. This is your day and your budget so choose your guests wisely. If you want a small guest list, you don’t owe anyone a seat at your wedding or an explanation!

You should be engaged for at least a year

There is no rule that says you need to wait at least 365 days before you wed. Your timing should be based on your personal preferences and your lives. If you need time to save up or finish school, by all means, have a long engagement, but don’t feel you need to stick to a certain timeline just because someone made up that a year is the right amount of time.

You should have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen

This is your wedding and if your future husband only wants his brother at his side on his wedding day while you want all 5 of your best friends, that’s totally ok. Adding people to your wedding party unnecessarily just racks up unnecessary costs. Do be prepared to have a plan for how all of your wedding party will be getting back down the aisle. If you have equal numbers we tend to send them down in pairs. If you have uneven numbers you might need who will walk back down alone, or in a pack, or 3 at a time…there are no rules, but on your big day we want everyone to know exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

It’s ok to go into debt in order to have the perfect wedding

You do not want to start your married life with mountains of debt just so that you could have a magazine-worthy wedding. Decide what’s most important to you as a couple and allocate your budget accordingly. Sit down together and make your list of everything you HAVE to have, would LOVE to have, and things that are a LUXURY you could live without. You may realize you need fewer guests if you want them to have the experience you dream of for your wedding. Check out my post on how to save money on your wedding!

Remember that your wedding day should be unique to you and your partner so do what you feel is right when planning your special day. This is a great opportunity to have great conversations about what is important to each of you, your values, and expectations. Don’t be shy about asking your vendors their opinions too as they have seen it all and know what works and what doesn’t work.

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