A Basic Guide to Your Wedding Stationery Choices

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You’ve made all the major decisions – dress, venue, photographer – now you can get into the finer details. When you first start looking into wedding invitations and stationery, it can be rather overwhelming.

So, where should you start?

Start by deciding what you want to spend (Research first! Don’t make up a dollar amount with no idea what things cost!) and when you need everything by. Some types of stationery take longer to create than others. How much you want to print will also play a role. Once you’ve decided on budget and timing, you can start considering your options.

ProTip! If you are posting on social media looking for recommendations, don’t use phrases like “won’t break the bank” and “doesn’t cost an arm and a leg”. Post what you are looking for, and your budget. Affordable is subjective so be open and say what your price range is so vendors can respond accordingly.

Stationery Stores

Wedding stationery stores offer good turnaround times and can accommodate a wide range of budgets. Most stores will show you their options in a book, so set some time aside to consider them all. You may even want to take someone along to help you narrow down your choices. Stationery stores are a good option for you if you prefer to see your options in person and value personalized service. Keep in mind, you might be limited to the options in their sample books without being able to customize the designs.

Online Stores

Online stores also specialize in pre-designed invitations and stationery, except you get to browse from the comfort of your own home and can take all the time you need. Online stores also offer fast turnaround times, and most retailers can get your stationery to you within a week. Online retailers also tend to be slightly lower priced though you should, be prepared for the fact that your stationery might not look identical to the photos you see online, and you might want to post on your socials asking other couples what their experience was with the company.

Custom Designer

If you have something very specific in mind, you might want to work with a custom stationery designer instead. One of my favourite designers is Dani of The Designer on the Hill. This process will be more in-depth and require you to collaborate with someone to create something completely unique. Custom design studios are all different in terms of pricing and the options they offer. Couples that have a vision and would prefer not to have stationery that’s been used before should consider this route. A benefit to this route is that you can very likely order any number of invitations you like rather than having a minimum order quantity.

Regardless of the option you decide on, it’s recommended that you order a few extra invitations and order them at least three months before your wedding day. If you will be sending out save-the-date cards, they should be ordered eight to nine months before your wedding and mailed as soon as you can before your guests make their vacation plans.

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